Redemption payout schedule

Make big money each time your certificates are redeemed
The thing that sets us apart from every other vacation incentive company is that we actually WANT your customers to redeem their certificate and go on vacation.

Because we are first and foremost a travel and marketing company for some of the largest names in the travel industry, our job is to get as many people to go on vacation as possible.  This is why we not only allow you to make as much money up  front selling our certificates, but we also pay you big dollars every time one of your customers goes on vacation and redeems the certificate you gave them.

Look how much money you can make each time
your vacation certificates are redeemed.

Based on monthly redemptions.

1 to 50 $10.00 each
51 to 100 $15.00 each
101 to 200 $20.00 each
201 to 300 $25.00 each
301 to 400 $30.00 each
over 400 $35.00 each